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General Group Overview

Al Sindbad group is a member of the Energy Projects Development (EPD), which is based in the United Kingdom.

Al sindbad group was founded in 1990. Ever since, it has developed into one of the leaders in the waterproofing and insulation industry in the Middle East with headquarters in U.A.E and affiliate companies in Qatar and Jordan. The group consists of six ISO certified companies operating in the field of manufacturing, trading, and application of waterproofing and thermal Insulation works. All of the companies that fall under Al Sindbad group's umbrella are registered in most of the governmental institutions, boards, and authorities. We have successfully taken part in the biggest, most challenging and most important projects in the region.

Providing our customers with high quality products and offering them the highest standard of service have always constituted the basis of our mission.

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Mission and Vision

Our Vision

At Al Sindbad, our vision is to contribute towards the continual improvements of the essential structures in people's lives. Our vision is to implement environmental-friendly activities leading to sustainable economic development.

Our Mission

To deliver superior quality to our customers, business associates, employees, and the society at large. Our efforts are dedicated to position Al Sindbad group in the forefront of the international arena in the waterproofing and insulation industries. The mission of Al Sindbad Group is to be one of the world's leading producers and providers of waterproofing and insulation materials. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content and services, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative ways to insure you a better living

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Social Responsibility

Charity programs / Charitable giving / Charitable contributions.

Our charitable contribution is often carried on by our family of employees, in form of time and money. The contributions are mainly directed towards the fields of education (students support), youth programs, and preserving the environment.

  • Education / student's support
  • Financial support
  • Youth support programs / Uni. Students' internships
  • Causes for preserving the environment
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Environmental Awareness

Customers respond to sustainability practices, and our businesses have reacted to that with enthusiasm over the years, if not always with sincerity.

Today, educated customers know true environmental responsibility when they see it, and our business entirely believes that legitimately going green presents tangible benefits for the customer, the business and the society in general.

Al Sindbad group is a member in the U.S. Green Building Council.

Sustainability is very important for our customers.

Therefore, our group of companies has taken this issue close to heart. In that spirit, Al Sindbad group has become a member of U.S Green Building Council, ISO 14001 and many accreditation boards.